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a dispute: un conflicto, una polémica, una discusión, un desacuerdo

to dispute (something): cuestionar, discutir, impugnar (algo)
I plan to dispute these extra charges. Pienso cuestionar estos recargos.

Pronunciation examples
UK: Listen to that shouting! I think our neighbours are having another dispute!
US: Honey, our neighbors are always disputing something. Only wake me up if you hear gunfire.
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  • "Her responsibilities include recruitment, managing personnel and mediating staff disputes."
  • "I've settled some of my more difficult business disputes in there."
  • "Acted as intermediary between acrobats and management during 1992 labor dispute"
  • "Bruno and Horatio's Miracle Juices, a fledgling juice and smoothie bar, caused a stir last month when their 'miraculous' juices allegedly cured a man of his loneliness, reunited a lost parrot with his lover, and helped settle a bitter dispute between a chicken and an egg."

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