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Traducción & Definición

dust: el polvo
The piano in the attic is covered with dust. El piano que está en el ático está cubierto de polvo.

to dust: quitar el polvo a, desempolvar
I dusted the house today. Hoy le quité el polvo a la casa.

dusty: polvoriento
The computer is a little dusty, but otherwise it's in perfect condition. El ordenador está un poco polvoriento, pero está en perfectas condiciones.


  • "Horatio : Joan Wayne, you can't stay in this dirty, dusty Old West all your life."
  • "you eliminate the sound of crackling by wiping the dust from the record and needle with a cloth."
  • "It's a little dusty, but it's nothing some aerosol spray and sponge can't fix."
  • "And I also would like to add that your wig is very distinguished, and grey, and dusty-"
  • "Horatio : There is no dust."
  • "Especially Norton, I think he's allergic to dust."
  • "Horatio : So, the hard disk is the hard drive on the desktop on the top of the desk with no dust!"
  • "It's very important to keep the area around your computer clean and free of dust."
  • "Estate agent : Yes, as you can smell, the apartment has been unoccupied for some time now, so there is a little dust."
  • "Dust them off, buy yourself a record player and have a listen."

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