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to encourage: alentar, fomentar

encouraging: prometedor, positivo


  • "We encourage all of our listeners to visit Australia and New Zealand when you have some free time."
  • "Only three candidates remain, and although I can no longer remember what job these people are applying for, they must be very good at something to make it to this stage, which is very encouraging."
  • "I work for 'South Australian Jobs Focus', and I'd like to encourage your listeners to come to live and work in South Australia."
  • "In light of the preceding, I strongly encourage you to take some time off."
  • "Extra comfortable, to encourage workers to wear them at all times."
  • "I would encourage you, and anyone else who suffers from sleep debt, to organize your schedule outside of work accordingly."
  • "That would encourage spending in the run-up to Christmas."
  • "Bruno : Please don't encourage him, people."
  • "Philip : Yes, we encourage our females to wear skirt suits."
  • "In order to prevent the transmission of diseases in the workplace, I have put in place a new initiative that will encourage people to wash their hands after using the bathroom. I am reluctant to reveal too much information regarding the protocol as it may compromise its effectiveness."

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