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Traducción & Definición

to endorse: aprobar; respaldar, apoyar; endosar
We haven't found anybody to endorse our product yet. Aún no hemos encontrado a nadie que apoye nuestro producto.
to endorse a check endosar un cheque

an endorsement: un endoso; una aprobación; un respaldo
Pronunciation examples
UK: It's strange, O.G. Samson doesn't endorse many sports products now.
US: I endorsed this product on TV but I have never used it in my life!


  • "Miss Bümbüm will receive a percentage of the sales of the products she endorses, which we anticipate will be quite significant."
  • "She has her choice of endorsements from major corporations."
  • "Secondly, I am delighted to tell you all that last week Delavigne reached an agreement with the agent of Swedish Supermodel Ivana Bümbüm, and she has agreed to endorse our perfumes for the foreseeable future."
  • "The marketing department, you see, has a flexible budget which accounts for the unpredictable expenses of publicity campaigns, endorsements and travel, so this outlay is not entirely unexpected."

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