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especially: especialmente, en particular
I feel especially efficient today. Me siento especialmente eficiente hoy.

Pronunciation examples
UK: I'm not especially interested in learning to drive.
US: I made this chocolate cake especially for you.
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  • "Especially the monkeys."
  • "We're known for our wildlife, especially the unique marsupials that live here."
  • "especially when you confessed to murder."
  • "They are very painful, especially when you sit on them."
  • "All babies welcome, especially interracial babies."
  • "and one Korean man spoke on the condition of anonymity: "I love dog - especially served with fresh peppers."
  • "A man whose long, magnificent hair was a symbol of masculinity and freedom, especially in the Philippines for some reason."
  • "A dog, especially a little puppy like this, needs love and attention."
  • "Jonas : Well, the quality of life in Scandinavia is excellent, but we are especially proud of our welfare system. Each Scandinavian country provides excellent health care for its inhabitants."
  • "Santa Claus is coming to town - especially if you own shares in Delavigne Corp!"

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