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essential: esencial, indispensable, elemental, fundamental
the most essential lo primordial, lo esencial

unessential: innecesario, insignificante, de poca importancia


  • "Not only are melody and rhythm essential ingredients in the perfume-making process, I believe they are essential for all forms of work."
  • "Obviously, documentation of violations or poor job performance is essential in justifying an employee's dismissal."
  • "Bruno told me last night that I'm essential to the company!"
  • "You know how much I hate spending money on unessential items.."
  • "Here at Delavigne, it is absolutely essential to give our customers a favorable first impression."
  • "For young or old, the bottom line seems clear: a good night's sleep is essential!"
  • "Checking accounts are essential if you want to pay for anything by check or debit card."
  • "'Sleep is essential."
  • "In order to reactivate your PlasterCard, it is essential that you confirm your credit card information below"

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