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even: hasta, incluso, aún más
Bruno even paid for my drink. Bruno pagó incluso mi bebida.
Bruno is impressed by Susie's charm, but he is even more impressed by her efficiency. Bruno está impresionado por el encanto de Susie, pero lo está aún más por su eficacia.

(an) even (number): (un número) par

(an) even (surface): (una superficie) plana
Bruno has an even temper. Bruno tiene un temperamento equilibrado.
Icarus has very even teeth. Icarus tiene los dientes derechos.
We're even. Estamos en paz.

(or) even: (o) incluso
If you'd like to have a drink on Tuesday, or even go out to dinner, please call me. Si quisieras ir a tomar algo el martes o incluso cenar juntos, por favor llámame.


  • "Apparently, my job is so boring even a robot refuses to do it."
  • "Philip : Well, that seems highly improbable, even ridiculous."
  • "I didn't even know there was a country called Kalackistan."
  • "A man who produced some of the most beautiful odors this planet has ever known, and even sold some of them as perfumes."
  • "I put my job first, and ignored distractions like personal relationships, friends, lovers even pets and occasionally personal hygiene."
  • "First you invite us to a wedding to a mysterious French man that you've never even mentioned to us."
  • "A president can't use his power to further his own interests, or the interests of his family or friends or even the man he's madly in love with."
  • "Susie : Then he said something even more bizarre."
  • "Everything depends on billing - how many hours you spend even thinking about a client."
  • "I understand that you wanted to marry a rich guy, at least that makes sense, but yet here you are back in London with nothing to show for it, not even a fancy diamond ring."

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