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to fail: fallar, fracasar
Note the most common constructions of the verb 'to fail': 'to fail + object (I failed my math test)'; 'to fail + to + infinitive verb (He failed to warn me about the hurricane)'; 'to fail + in/at + ING verb (I failed in negotiating the contract).

I failed my exams miserably. Suspendí mis exámenes rotundamente.
He failed to convince me. No pudo convencerme.
She failed in resolving the problem. No ha logrado resolver el problema.

a failure: un fracaso
Kalvin Krime's latest perfume is a major failure. El último perfume de Kalvin Krime fue un fracaso total.


  • "Fail in this mission, and my wrath will be swift and brutal."
  • "A recent survey carried out at Kingston University has shown that an alarming 56% of managers who conduct interviews fail to recognize what constitutes an improper interview question."
  • "You failed my Star Wars quiz."
  • "plots and conspiracies, failed assassination attempts, 10 most wanted cats in Sweden."
  • "The column rounds up the week's winners and losers and contrasts their successes and failures."
  • "Definition: a written or spoken expression of one's regret, remorse, or sorrow for having insulted, failed, injured, or wronged another."
  • "The Serious Fraud office has been called in, and, although they haven't officially announced their findings yet, the Sunday Roast has THE scoop: it appears that Leeson had been netting huge losses on unauthorised deals, and falsifying information to cover up his failures."
  • "I was a no-good cowboy with a failed department store and a ton of debt."
  • "Failed ladies' man with a troubled childhood"

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