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Traducción & Definición

to finish (one's homework): terminar, acabar (los deberes)

(I'm) finished with (the mission): Ya he acabado (la misión)
En inglés estadounidense se utiliza el auxiliar to be (I am finished) en una estructura que en español se construye con el auxiliar "haber" ("he terminado").

a finish: un final, una llegada, una meta; un acabado


  • "I must go and finish torturing questioning BrianBot."
  • "Friday : To finish the week in style, our twisted tycoon was seen burning hundred dollar bills to light Cuban cigars in a Las Vegas night club."
  • "I want to finish reading the Peacenikland Times so that I can"
  • "My coffee's finished."
  • "Philip : Well Harold, we've finished our first magic milkshake."
  • "I attended 4 out of 5 sessions before I had to invade Poland, but I'm sure that if I had finished the program, it would have made a big difference -Adolph H, Germany."
  • "Luna, just finished my weekend session at Royal Rehab."
  • "I've finished."
  • "Philip : Just as soon as I'm finished spitting this important message: "Must use toilet immediately, ate burrito for breakfast."
  • "Well, now that we're finished with the tour, let's go into the "Purple room" so I can introduce you to your fellow crazies!"

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