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a forecast: un pronóstico, una previsión
to forecast pronosticar, prever, estimar, anunciar

Pronunciation examples
UK: They've forecast rain for this evening.
US: The financial forecasts for this year look promising.
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  • "Sales forecasts are forecasts, no one can be sure what will happen."
  • "Sales forecasts are gloomy."
  • "First of all, sales forecasts aren't an exact science, nor is the stock market, and I never guaranteed anything."
  • "Despite gloomy financial forecasts for its competitors, the perfume giant is set to have one of their most successful Christmases ever with sales up 15% since this time last year."
  • "In any case, to respond to your remark, yes our forecast was a bit off the mark."
  • "Optimistic Forecast"
  • "I think this musical dream is a premonition - a 'financial forecast'."
  • "This is the last board meeting of the year, where we review this year's results, approve the budget for the upcoming year, and forecast next year's growth."

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