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Traducción & Definición

(I can't go any) further: (No puedo ir) más lejos
You need to go further south. Necesita ir más al sur.

(to talk about, to discuss something) further: (hablar) más detalladamente (de algo)
We will inquire further into the matter. Investigaremos más sobre el asunto.

(I'll give you) a further 2 hours (to complete the project): (Le doy) dos horas más (para terminar el proyecto)
Pronunciation examples
UK: You need to go further south.
US: Before we go any further, can I see your ID?


  • "I would like to invite you to stop by my office at your earliest convenience to discuss this matter further, as well as to provide you with some more information regarding our policy on terminating employees (I mean that in the non-Arnold Schwarzenneger way)."
  • "Hogwash : $10,000 up front and a further $10,000 upon completion."
  • "Bill Tanner : Further questions?"
  • "With around 20% of the British population currently falling into the "obese" category, and a further 40% being classified as "overweight", the government decided a change was necessary."
  • "We can discuss this further if you like?"
  • "Consider this e-mail a first warning, further reports of verbal abuse will result in serious consequences!"
  • "Awaiting further instructions."
  • "Thank you very much, no further questions."
  • "(delete as applicable - please add further information)"
  • "Any suggestions to help me further dull my senses during the festivities are more than welcome."

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