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the ground: la tierra, el suelo
Don't eat that Molly, it's been on the ground. No comas eso, Molly, que ha estado en el suelo.

the ground floor: la planta baja


  • "Dave : Okay, let me get this straight: take the lift down to the ground floor, cross the hall until I reach a big door."
  • "We should be on the ground shortly."
  • "I mean the first few hours were quite bad, but I found a nice hole in the ground to sleep in."
  • "I hope that you had a good sleep, and the ground was comfortable."
  • "Space Base Alpha : The ground staff have informed us that the spacecraft is cleared for launch."
  • "In my mind, a birthday is no different than a funeral - both events indicate that you are moving closer to being lowered into the ground."
  • "It's so hard to weed the flowerbeds when they are so close to the ground!"
  • "In that case, you need to take this lift down to the ground floor, go across the hall until you reach a big door."
  • "And you can start by removing my dog from that hole in the ground."
  • "The Supertrowel fits onto the handle of any trowel of any size and extends the exact distance from your arm to the ground, no matter how far away!"

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