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Traducción & Definición

healthy: sano, saludable, próspero
Bruno is healthy. Bruno está sano.
I try to eat healthy (food). Trato de comer de forma saludable. (US)

health: la salud
You seem to be in good health. Parece que tiene buena salud.
health care servicio médico, asistencia sanitaria

Pronunciation examples
UK: So, Marge, how is your health?
US: Well I was feeling pretty healthy until the doctor told me I had six months to live.


  • "Subject: Health and safety $$$"
  • "There will be a rumor about a product causing health problems.."
  • "Our factory manager in Paris has been bugging me for some new health and safety equipment."
  • "Food, Nutrition, & Optimal Health"
  • "Likely to decrease the risk of health complications."
  • "I guarantee you that with a bit of careful management, both the Sydney and the Wellington teams will enjoy some healthy competition."
  • "We don't want to risk any health and safety lawsuits."
  • "Subject: re: Health and safety $$$"
  • "Walking a dog can be so good for your health, it's great exercise!"

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