In front of

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(I'm right) in front of (the bakery): (Estoy justo) enfrente de (la panadería)
Horatio is standing in front of the coffee machine. Horatio está enfrente de la maquina de café.

(let's not argue) in front of (the children): (no discutamos) en frente de (los niños)


  • "Hannah : We should be at home, singing Christmas songs in front of the fire and opening presents!"
  • "Why are you yelling in front of the cheeses?"
  • "Can't wait to get you greased up and in front of the camera!"
  • "Or, should the Delavigne Corporation be remanded to this delightful, charming young thing in front of me."
  • "Nobody knows this, but every night I return home at seven o'clock to feed my seven cats and watch soap operas while eating bon bons in front of the telly."
  • "The dark blue circle was in front of the squares, in the foreground."
  • "(A handkerchief held in front of the mouth and nose would work out at just 40 cents per unit."
  • "Art dealer : Ok, I've got three Plazbo paintings in front of me."
  • "In front of me I have a barbecue."
  • "Now, please direct your attention to the screen in front of you."

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