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to influence (someone, a decision): influir (en alguien, en una decisión)
Everyone knew that the fact she was married to one of the judges influenced their decision. Todos saben que el hecho que ella estuviese casada con unos de los jueces influyó en su decisión.

(a bad) influence: (una mala) influencia


  • "I imagine that in the helicopter, the noise, confusion and emotion of the moment might have influenced her."
  • "A man of influence and prestige."
  • "Our strategy won't be dictated to us by the stock market, and I won't be influenced by someone checking his Raspberry for quotes every five minutes."
  • "I was wondering if you could perhaps use your political influence, as the president of Europe to, er, pull a few strings?"
  • "But I don't want this insignificant detail to influence your first impression."
  • "They've influenced my own work tremendously."
  • "The spreading influence of the Chinese is already being felt, most notably in the luxury goods industry."

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