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initial: inicial
That was my initial idea for the ad campaign. Esa fue mi idea inicial para la campaña.
the initials la iniciales

initially: inicialmente, al principio
Initially, I was just going to take the client out for coffee, but then thought that dinner would be more appropriate. Al principio, sólo iba a tomar un café con un cliente, pero después pensé que una cena sería más apropiado.

(Bruno's) initials (are 'B.D.'): las iniciales de (Bruno son 'B.D.')


  • "I was just talking to Hannah about an initial order of Delavigne goods."
  • "To me, it suggests a perfume bottle shaped in the form of our initials 'DC'."
  • "I'm interested, but I'd prefer an initial order of 30,000 units."
  • "I believe you use the initials 'M.S."
  • "If you look closely you'll see the initials 'XD' which stand for Xavier Delavigne – Bruno's grandfather."
  • "Scientists initially thought that the result was an anomaly, and feared their data was tainted, however repeated testing confirmed that the data was in fact valid."
  • "As a gesture of goodwill, and to show you how much I appreciate your business, I have waived the fee for the initial 2 minute and 30 second phone call with Mr Quincy."
  • "So, why don't we make the initial order 300,000 units?"
  • "Still, Miracle Juices' founders, Bruno Delavigne and Horatio Oléré, have refused to accept the initial terms of the offer, leading to prolonged bargaining sessions behind closed doors."
  • "You need to be thinking for the long term. These changes may be difficult to implement but the benefits far outweigh the initial effort."

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