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Traducción & Definición

to insist (on): insistir (en), exigir
to insist on puede ir seguido por un sustantivo o por un verbo terminado en ING.

I won't insist. No insistiré.
I insist that you tell me what he told you. Exijo que me cuentes lo que te dijo.


  • "Steffi : No, I must insist on the price we agreed on."
  • "These records are legal documents and Bruno insisted that this laboratory comply with regulations."
  • "Bruno insisted I have dinner with one of the Chinese business people who attended my presentation this afternoon: apparently she thought I had a "cute accent" when I spoke Mandarin."
  • "I will of course insist on a good cross-section of society in terms of age, gender, ethnic origin, etc."
  • "I insist."
  • "Susie : As a matter of fact Philip, since you insist on making this a financial issue: immediately after the public became aware of their labor practices, their stock dropped 44% despite a booming stock market."
  • "Moira : So tell us Rupert, what is cricket and why do the English insist on playing it?"
  • "Brian : Tomorrow, I've got Susan Bliss in the morning for some PR training, and then Donna Donovan insisted we have lunch together."
  • "Delavigne, San Francisco's renowned playboy, insisted on piloting the balloon himself, despite having no previous experience flying thermal airships or dirigibles, and smelling of liquor."
  • "Apparently my grandfather insisted that I be married before receiving the inheritance."

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