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to interfere: interferir, inmiscuirse, entrometerse
Luna often interferes in her colleagues' disputes, but only to give her advice. Luna a veces se inmiscuye en las discusiones de sus compañeros, pero sólo para dar su opinión.
Don't interfere! ¡No te metas!

interference: intromisión; intervención; interferencia
We didn't hear the music on the radio because there was some interference with the signal. No pudimos oír la música de la radio porque había interferencias.


  • "Unfortunately, this new behavior did not interfere with their habitual paranoia regarding Delavigne's profit margins."
  • "It wouldn't be prudent for me to interfere right now."
  • "Granted, personal issues should not interfere with job performance, however it is my firm belief that, given time, Doris will regain her previous productivity."
  • "these days they just come in a different form. Smythe says that private sector companies are finding ways to compensate workers without using union labor, 'The perks that a dotcom like Doodle provides for its staff, without any union interference, are unbelievable: free meals, childcare, dry cleaning services, gold-leafed toilet paper, the list goes on and on."
  • "I would ask that you do not invite an 'outside' technical specialist to interfere with our system. Our network is configured in a very 'personal' way."

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