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Traducción & Definición

(Here are the) key (figures of the merger): (Aquí están las) principales (cifras de la fusión)

the key (is to stay calm): la clave (es mantenerse en calma)

a key: una llave


  • "Security guard : Keys?"
  • "Bruno : The key to successful bidding is in the timing, Hannah."
  • "The key aims of these yearly interviews are"
  • "-Does Mr. Harry Potter have his key?"
  • "The key is filtering the most important ones and ignoring the ones that are less urgent."
  • "You oversee all sales - both wholesale and retail - and lead the sales department as well as working with your own key clients."
  • "We can attribute this growth to two key factors: the increase in disposable income for the average Chinese household, and the opening of our new flagship store in the heart of Beijing's commercial center."
  • "Philip : Keys, Edward!"
  • "Enclosed in this pack are some samples taken from the Classic Collection campaign: our key image in Saudi Arabia, and its equivalent in France for comparison."
  • "-Stink, Bruno's dog, has his own key to the apartment."

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