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to last (for a long time): durar, perdurar, continuar (mucho tiempo)
Susie has been in many relationships that didn't last. Susie tuvo muchas relaciones amorosas que no duraron.

last (month): (el mes) pasado

last: finalmente, para concluir


  • "For the last century, Delavigne has been among the industry leaders in cosmetics and perfumes."
  • "These last few months have been very difficult for me."
  • "You can ignore the last section."
  • "I received your last pigeon."
  • "I am using my last silk scarf to write you this note, please forgive the ink-stained fabric."
  • "The company, at the center of hundreds of scandals in the last 10 years, ranging from illegal bear hunts to monkey abuse to laboratory explosions, just can't seem to get their act together."
  • "You were the last person to see Icarus, correct?"
  • "I have had many adventures since I last saw you, I have slept with many, many, many people."
  • "Vicar : Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered here today to celebrate the holy matrimony of two young lovers, eager to forge a union in the eyes of God, which is to last forever and ever."
  • "Bruno : Horatio, show me all of Delavigne's major perfumes from the last 10 years."

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