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legitimate: legítimo
There is no legitimate excuse for your behavior. Nada legitima tu comportamiento.
I'd like to make this business legitimate. Me gustaría legitimar este negocio.

illegitimate: ilegítimo


  • "Despite appearances to the contrary, the takeover is completely legitimate, and cannot be challenged in a court of law."
  • "Bruno : Brian, it's not good business to give vouchers to people without a legitimate complaint."
  • "I'm sure that we can find legitimate production sources without becoming certified."
  • "Though delivered crudely, his concern that men won't want to smell "girly, like a girl" could be legitimate."
  • "This is a legitimate business, man, not a zoo."
  • "These people use the legitimate letterhead of real corporations to scam other people."
  • "Dr. Badguy : I'm not a terrorist, I am a legitimate businessman, like you sir."
  • "Judge, you seem legitimately insane."
  • "My passion is causing trouble for legitimate businessmen like you."
  • "Strategically, I must advise that we pursue a legitimate alternative to sweatshops and slave labor."

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