Look quincy

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Look, Quincy...: Mira, Quincy...
Look, Andrew... también se puede traducir al español como "Escucha, Andrew...".

Look, Horatio, this is no time for jokes. Mira, Horatio, este no es el momento para bromas.

to look: mirar

a look: una mirada, un vistazo


  • "Look, it's all a bit technical, but the important thing is that my company's future is secure."
  • "Philip : Look, Icarus, we all know what happened, let's just get to the point."
  • "Jean-Pierre : Look!"
  • "look, it's not that I'm not tempted."
  • "Brian : Look, I have fingers, not fins, and if you observe closely, you'll see that I'm slowly drowning."
  • "New president of Europe Brian Alistair Jones, the winner in a hotly contested election that divided citizens over issues such as a national cheese, sits in his office with a reflective look on his face."
  • "Susie : Oh come on now, Samantha, look, she's crying again."
  • "Look how much eye contact he's making!"
  • "The look of love is in your eyes."
  • "Please Mr. Postman, look and see, is there a letter in your bag for me?"

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