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Traducción & Definición

to match: combinar, concordar, hacer juego, equiparar(se) con
Those blue socks don't match your red hair at all. Esos calcetines azules no combinan para nada con tu pelo rojo.
Philip tried to match Luna up with his cousin, but things didn't work out. Philip trató de juntar a su primo con Luna, pero no dio resultado.
This year's sales figures don't match up to last year's. Las cifras de ventas de este año no concuerdan con las del año pasado.

a (soccer, boxing) match: un partido (de fútbol) , un combate (de boxeo)
En Estados Unidos suele utilizarse más game que match salvo para los deportes como el tenis, el boxeo, el rugby...

(a box of) matches: (un paquete de) cerillas

a match: una pareja, un matrimonio, una combinación


  • "The genetic markers do not match."
  • "Said one drunk bar patron, "This one guy wanted to watch a show about midget bachelorettes in bikinis, then this other dude, a big guy with a beard and a mustache and a lot of tattoos, he wanted to watch a wrestling match."
  • "Are you carrying any of the following items: Acids, ammunition, animals, corpses, cremated remains, explosives, firearms, fireworks, flammable liquids, hazardous materials, materials with a disagreeable odor, matches?"
  • "the president of a multi-national perfume company should not be refereeing an illegal kung fu-style boxing match."
  • "The company matches your contribution to a savings account monthly until you retire."
  • "The Gunners will be without their star defender Gary Simpson for today's match against Bayern Munich."
  • "Paris Saint-Germain has lost their last seven matches in a row."
  • "I think you should definitely wear the purple shirt with green stripes – it matches your ears."
  • "Bruno : It's because of them that we are here, this is our punishment for our friendly boxing match."

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