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a minister: un ministro
the minister of foreign affairs el ministro de asuntos exteriores
the minister of a church el pastor de una iglesia

the prime minister: el primer ministro


  • "Horatio : This is Giuseppe, he is my Chief of Staff, Minister of Education, and Head of our Nuclear Program. It's not easy to be a Leader for Life, Presidente, Primer Ministro, and Commandante of a world superpower."
  • "Just to reassure you, I have attached to this e-mail a photo of myself with several high-ranking ministers of government and military."
  • "But Kevin, I have a photo of Vlad with the important ministers."
  • "' When reminded that Zirconda is located nearly 3000 kilometers from mainland Europe, the minister was quoted as saying, 'So what?"
  • "Moira : Here's a quick look at some of the stories we'll be covering today: another devastating flood hits Bangladesh, the economic crisis in Argentina takes a turn for the worse, and an assassination attempt on the Danish Prime Minister has some hilarious consequences."
  • "Just look at Cherie Blair, she has raised three children yet still manages to earn more money than her husband and he is the Prime Minister of England."

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