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to occur: ocurrir, suceder, pasar, tener lugar
Several things occurred while we were playing ping-pong. Sucedieron varias cosas mientras jugábamos al ping-pong.
According to statistics, in France, a domestic fire occurs every 2 minutes. Según las estadísticas, cada dos minutos hay un incendio doméstico en Francia.


  • "I can tell you with certainty that this is the first time that such an event has occurred at the Golden Gate Gourmet, and it will undoubtedly be the last."
  • "I think I would prove particularly helpful during your periods of extended absence, as well as during "sleepy time", which, if I understood correctly, occurs nearly every afternoon."
  • "I'll keep you posted on any developments, as and when they occur."
  • "A shipment of perfume was being transported to São Paulo when the accident occurred."
  • "I would have replied earlier, however my accounting obligations prevented me from checking my e-mail until the early afternoon, and then an unfortunate incident occurred during my bathroom break, when my neck tie got caught in the zipper of my pants."

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