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an official: un funcionario, un oficial
The Indian government was represented by two state officials at the meeting. El gobierno indio estaba representado en la reunión por dos funcionarios del estado.
My mother works for City Hall as a state official. Mi madre es funcionaria de la alcaldía de la ciudad.

official: oficial, autorizado
It's official! ¡Es oficial!


  • "If not, just have fun reading the official hiring policy document when it arrives."
  • "As this is an official FBI matter, please observe strict protocol for discretion and confidentiality."
  • "She's having some difficulty with US customs. Apparently her strong British accent caused customs officials to believe that she was a terrorist."
  • "The official policy will be sent shortly as a PDF file, but I'd like to draw your attention to some specific details beforehand."
  • "What should be the official cheese of Europe?"
  • "Official FBI biz!"
  • "an official purchase order will be sent later today."
  • "Philip : The official launch isn't for three months but."
  • "Another airport official confirmed that Delavigne was inebriated, adding "He told his entourage to get on the ship and bring the wine, saying that it was time to 'take this party to the motherf***in skies"."
  • "My name is Gerald Lansing, and I am a top-ranking official at the FBI."

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