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Traducción & Definición

online: en línea, conectado
to be online estar en línea, estar conectado
an online course un curso en línea

offline: desconectado


  • "Hours ago, a partial transcript of the negotiations was leaked online."
  • "However, there's another way we can unwittingly damage the environment with computer use: going online."
  • "If you did indeed get it, I would appreciate it if you could send me a confirmation when you get this message, which I have sent using the more traditional method of e-mail (now that the computers are back online)."
  • "Online record shops are more and more numerous, and auction websites that sell second-hand vinyl records are booming."
  • "(I've found glasses for just $1 a pair online."
  • "The online encyclopedia that anyone can contribute to and is therefore full of inaccurate information?"
  • "From Stickypedia, the free online encyclopedia"
  • "Hannah : A financial report, or a game of online poker?"
  • "EXCLUSIVE: Leaked transcript of Miracle Juice negotiations emerge online"
  • "Located in a secret offshore location to cut costs and hurt the global economy, your rehabilitation takes place entirely online."

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