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Traducción & Definición

a phone call: una llamada telefónica


  • "The phone call was not unpleasant because the customer was dissatisfied, nor because it interrupted a particularly amusing day dream about space travel that I was enjoying."
  • "Brian : Well, Edward and I were just answering customer phone calls."
  • "I'm tired of phone calls and I'm tired of these walls."
  • "The phone call was unpleasant because I received it."
  • "Michael, how can Brian make this phone call more musical?"
  • "Last week, I received a phone call from my great aunt Margaret."
  • "Please allow me now to pose a rhetorical question to all of you: is it normal that I am directly receiving phone calls from customers?"
  • "At the hotel room, well, I did actually receive an important phone call, otherwise I would have happily made love to her."
  • "This morning I received an unpleasant phone call from a dissatisfied customer."
  • "Glitches after receiving phone calls from his mother, like the human version."

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