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popular: popular, de moda
Susie is quite popular with men. Susie tiene mucho éxito entre los hombres.

unpopular: Impopular


  • "A boxed set for the holiday season might be a popular item."
  • "This exhibit looks pretty popular though."
  • "Sure, she was popular, had nice skin, and a pony named Penelope, but really, was she happy?"
  • "I am extremely popular in Germany."
  • "Bruno's Brew is the most popular perfume in Brazil, and as things stand, I have nothing to give our wholesalers for the Christmas rush."
  • "I think you mean to say that you were immediately captivated by the symphony's opening motif, and that the orchestra continued to provide a stunning interpretation of one of Beethoven's most popular works."
  • "It is Delavigne's biggest seller Down Under (in Australia), and has been among the most popular fragrances for men aged 25-40 until recently."
  • "The most popular constellation in the zodiac, according to a new study by astronomers."
  • "He is a magnetic, popular figure, known as much for his business acumen as he is for his charity work and intense affection for dogs."
  • "We do not currently plan to change either the name or the ingredients of our popular 'Vegetable Soup'."

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