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a press conference: una rueda de prensa
Will you be attending the press conference? ¿Va a asistir a la rueda de prensa?


  • "My name is Bruno Delavigne, and alongside me for this very special press conference is my colleague and partner, Horatio Oléré."
  • "And what's the format of this press conference?"
  • "CEO Bruno Delavigne, along with Chief of Research and Development Horatio Oléré, will unveil a philanthropic initiative of great consequence, to be revealed at the time of press conference (6 PM)."
  • "It seems like you've really got a knack for press conferences, although you should expect some tougher questions in the future."
  • "Let's organize a press conference for this afternoon."
  • "And remember Brian, sometimes it's up to you to conclude the press conference even if there are more questions."
  • "I'd like to thank you all for attending this press conference."
  • "Susie : I've already organized a press conference - it starts in 30 seconds."
  • "A brief Q+A session will follow the press conference."
  • "Bruno : Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for being at this press conference."

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