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to print (out, off): imprimir
How many pages have you printed? ¿Cuántas páginas has impreso?


  • "Government researchers have taken their inspiration from the graphic images soon to be printed on cigarette packets."
  • "Now you must print a retraction of your horrible article, which is a real travesty."
  • "Indeed, I actually wanted to pay you as soon as the products were delivered, but my dog ate the payment order right after I printed it out."
  • "A printing firm has been chosen to produce the new stationery including business cards, compliment slips, letterheads, envelopes, invoices, and product labels."
  • "I can't believe it was printed."
  • "It was printed on a Delavigne shower gel that I have."
  • "Fukuyama : We will also print your name and photograph on every piece of toilet paper."
  • "We all know that we shouldn't leave our computers on standby and that we shouldn't print out e-mails and documents unless absolutely necessary."
  • "The customer told me that she found the direct line to my office printed on the back of a shower gel: Delavigne's Eiffel Shower Gel."
  • "Bob also said that even though we have some printing problems, which he anticipates will last for a while, he will be here to wish Horatio a "happy birthday", in person."

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