Prior to

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prior to (doing something): antes de (hacer algo)
I will look over this budget proposal prior to giving it to Bruno. Revisaré esta propuesta de presupuesto antes de dársela a Bruno.

prior: previo a, anterior a
a prior notice un preaviso

Pronunciation examples
UK: Prior to meeting Luke, I'd searched for information on him online.
US: The telephone company cancelled my plan without prior notice.
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  • "-In a recent survey, nearly 70% of customers indicated that they wanted their needs and desires met prior to having to ask."
  • "Please find enclosed copies of our prior communication, as well as the unpaid invoices in question."
  • "You are scheduled for a root canal, so be sure not to eat anything at least six hours prior to your surgery."
  • "Also, please remember to be available for the thirty minutes prior to the appointment, in case Bruno wishes to begin early."
  • "prior engagement."
  • "This letter should detail all prior communication that you've had with the client, the outstanding invoices, and the total amount owed to your company."
  • "will not sell without prior permission from the Board."
  • "Philip : I review and approve the final billing of our major clients prior to their invoice."

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