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to produce: producir, fabricar
This factory specializes in producing computer parts. Esta fábrica está especializada en producir componentes para ordenadores.

production: la producción, la fabricación
Our crop production has fallen by 2%. Nuestra producción agrícola ha disminuido en un 2%.

Pronunciation examples
UK: All our efforts are producing wonderful results.
US: Yes, but we need to reduce the production costs.
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  • "Production, research and development, sales and distribution will resume as per usual."
  • "A man who produced some of the most beautiful odors this planet has ever known, and even sold some of them as perfumes."
  • "Brian : Well, I suggest we produce a new cheese called Camem-burg."
  • "Do you have the equipment necessary to produce these bottles en masse?"
  • "The Delavigne Corporation is one of San Francisco's most-respected local businesses, producing fine products since the early twentieth century."
  • "I need you to produce and deliver a new, totally fabulous, Christmas card."
  • "I determine the quantity of perfumes produced"
  • "I am the production manager"
  • "Kevin : My boss will be thrilled that we've found a manufacturing source which meets all international labor standards and produces everything we need for so little!"
  • "Kevin : As I wrote to you earlier, our primary production need is glass bottles for our perfumes."

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