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proud: orgulloso
I'm proud to announce the opening of our fiftieth Delavigne boutique. Estoy orgulloso de anunciar la apertura de nuestra tienda Delavigne número cincuenta.
I'm proud of the local soccer team. Estoy orgulloso del equipo local de fútbol.

pride: el orgullo
Gay Pride El Orgullo Gay

(the city's) proud (history): (La historia) gloriosa (de una ciudad)
Pronunciation examples
UK: I'm very proud of my little brother.
US: This new tricycle is my pride and joy.
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  • "Jonas : Well, the quality of life in Scandinavia is excellent, but we are especially proud of our welfare system. Each Scandinavian country provides excellent health care for its inhabitants."
  • "I'm so proud of his transformation."
  • "A ballad that inspires company pride and joy."
  • "And most importantly, Delavigne is a company I know well, and would be proud to work for."
  • "The Peking Duck is proud to publish this illegally obtained information."
  • "Edward Kimberly, and I'm not mentally ill, but proud and lucky."
  • "Due to popular demand, as well as the concerning rise of obesity in our office, I'm proud to officially open the “Xavier Delavigne Memorial Sport and Fitness center for exercise”."
  • "Bruno : I just wanted you to be proud of me, Papi."
  • "I've never felt so proud to be your father!"

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