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(he's) quite (handsome): (es) bastante (guapo)
Note that "quite" can mean both "very" and "rather", depending on its context:

I am quite fond of her. Me gusta mucho.
She is quite smart. Es muy inteligente.
There are quite a few customers complaining. Hay bastantes clientes quejándose.
Those figures don't seem quite right. Esas cifras no parecen del todo correctas.
There are not quite as many guests as there were last time. No hay tantos invitados como la última vez.

(-What a beautiful day!) -Quite!: (¡Qué día tan hermoso!) -¡Cierto!
Pronunciation examples
UK: These strawberries are quite tasty.
US: Yes, they are quite tasty. And not quite as expensive as the last batch.


  • "I believe he said that Delavigne was "quite content without our sales"."
  • "Brian : Um, well um… actually I do have quite a slight preference for…"
  • "-Well, quite."
  • "The answer is quite simple."
  • "Edward : I quite like how realistic it is."
  • "Judge : Well, personally I found that argument quite convincing, but, I suppose that legally, you're entitled to defend yourself, Mr. Delavigne."
  • "A fellow student said "Zack was careful not to throw the candy directly at people, but a caramel square did land quite near my foot"."
  • "For the first time in a long while, I feel uninspired and quite frankly, I'm tired."
  • "I know you are quite a forgetful diary, so here's a recap of the current situation"
  • "It's quite a lovely Jackson Pollock, isn't it?"

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