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a ranch: un rancho, una estancia (una finca agrícola, una granja)


  • "Subject: My new ranch"
  • "Hannah : Well I've heard there are special 'event organizers' that plan theme events in interesting locations, say for example a 'Wild West' party on a ranch where everyone gets dressed up as cowboys."
  • "Since you're always hosting me in your fancy San Francisco offices, I think it's my turn to return the favor, so I'd like to extend a formal invitation to my new ranch in Crawford, Texas."
  • "I've had Polly book me a ticket, and I'll arrange my own transportation to your ranch."
  • "I'm sitting in Mr. Warbuckle's golf cart, while he drives me around the ranch."
  • "Subject: RE: My new ranch"
  • "ranch! Mr. Warbuckle, thank you so much for having us!"
  • "Bruno : Okay Harold, according to this bank statement your payments on this ranch alone are costing you over 50,000 dollars per month."
  • "Harold, this place is more of a palace than a ranch."
  • "I tried calling earlier, but your secretary informed me that you were dynamite fishing at the lake on your ranch."

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