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Traducción & Definición

a receipt: un recibo, una papeleta, un boleto
The cashier forgot to give me my receipt. El cajero olvidó darme el recibo.

the receipt (of a parcel): la recepción (de un paquete)
Pronunciation examples
UK: That's 25 pence change and there's your receipt sir.
US: If you don't have a receipt then I cannot refund you, madam.


  • "Upon receipt of the completed form, we will contact you to arrange a visit from one of our installation engineers*."
  • "Brian : Well, without a receipt, I am afraid you're not going to get a cash refund."
  • "Jean : I mean a receipt."
  • "- Damaged goods must be reported immediately by telephone upon receipt of items. No claims for compensation can be made after three working days."
  • "417 days have passed since you confirmed receipt of the delivery, yet payment is still outstanding."
  • "Philip : Receipt?"
  • "I discovered the receipt for a sizeable equipment purchase from 1998, which was not registered, and could have caused a catastrophe."
  • "No, no the receipt was in my pants, and my pants are long gone."
  • "I'd love to give you a refund, but you need a receipt for that."
  • "Brian : Do you still have the receipt?"

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