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a recommendation: una recomendación, una sugerencia
Could you write me a letter of recommendation for my job application? ¿Me puedes escribir una carta de recomendación para mi solicitud de empleo, por favor?
Your recommendation to take a day off was a very good idea. Tu sugerencia de tomarme un día libre fue una buena idea.

to recommend: recomendar, sugerir
Which dish do you recommend? ¿Qué plato me recomienda?
I highly recommend this candidate. Recomiendo encarecidamente a este candidato.
I recommend that you see a doctor. Le sugiero que vea a un médico.

Pronunciation examples
UK: I can recommend this book very highly.
US: My letter of recommendation was written by my grandmother.


  • "Bruno : Hi, I'm in town on business for a couple of days and I was wondering if you could give me some recommendations."
  • "a recommendation from a customer who was happy with your lessons."
  • "Could you recommend a place to stay downtown?"
  • "Therefore, it is with regret that I recommend she be dismissed as soon as possible PERIOD."
  • "On a lighter note, I was wondering if you could recommend some restaurants in the area."
  • "After the birth, you continue to receive this money for either 6 weeks (for vaginal births - which I recommend) or 8 weeks (for C-section deliveries - which I do not recommend)."
  • "Kevin : Mrs. Lee, I want to thank you again for the restaurant you recommended to me."
  • "Anyway, I really appreciate the opportunity to pursue this type of unorthodox training at the company's expense, and I heartily recommend to the rest of the staff to follow through and do something similar."

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