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to refer to (something): referirse a, aludir a, hacer referencia/alusión a (algo)


  • "Icarus : Actually, Terrance, the term "bottom line" refers to the "net income" of the company, which indicates the earnings that remain after deducting taxes and other amounts."
  • "The first apartment did not have a kitchenette, just a large sink on the floor of the living room. I presume the noisy basketball court it overlooked was the "shared garden" to which you referred."
  • "To interpret these images refer to "Interpreting Mindmelt" manual*."
  • "The Democrats are also sometimes called "liberals", which originally referred to their strong support of individual rights and liberties."
  • "However, perhaps you're referring to the popular myth that a face can be seen when looking at the moon from earth."
  • "Republicans are sometimes called "conservatives", which refers both to their conservative views on the economy, but also to their social values."
  • ""Chick" (unless referring literally to a baby bird)"
  • "Icarus : Uh, well, Mr. Cashman, the EBIT refers to our earnings before interest and taxes."
  • "I'm referring of course to the documents we discussed last week in Hong Kong."
  • "Well actually, I was referring to this chart showing projected sales of the new perfume."

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