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to release (a report): sacar, estrenar (un reportaje)
This film is to be released next summer. Esta película se estrenará el próximo verano.

to release (a prisoner): liberar (a un prisionero)

a (multi-product) release: un lanzamiento (de varios productos a la vez)
Pronunciation examples
UK: Release our prisoners or we'll bomb your cities.
US: I've already given a press release saying no!
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  • "ner Brothers announces the release of a film about hamsters!"
  • "Outback Cologne is Delavigne Australia's flagship scent, first released in 1989."
  • "Because humans can't release stress hormones such as adrenalin and cortisol, these hormones can build up to dangerous levels in the body."
  • "Our company's marquee perfume release last year, 'Adonis for men', has been nominated for a 'Smelly' award, the most prestigious award in the perfume industry."
  • "And I've been in touch with Mr Lah-Pingh, and he says he'll wait for your release, and then the meeting can go ahead."
  • "Did you know that laughing just once per day burns calories, releases endorphins and relaxes tension in the face?"
  • "We're looking at a multi-product release in response to the recent market surge, and we want Miss Bümbüm to play a key role in our advertising campaigns."
  • "Just a quick reminder that we will be meeting at 8:30 sharp tomorrow (Tuesday) morning to discuss possible names for a new Delavigne skin cream to be released at the end of the year."
  • "A ballad about the fateful day at Bondi Beach was released shortly afterwards, and has quickly made its way up in the charts, rivalling 'Waltzing Matilda' in popularity."
  • "Our legal team is negotiating her release from custody."

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