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to respond: responder, reaccionar, replicar, contestar
When are you planning to respond? When are you going to answer me? ¿Cuándo tiene pensado responder? ¿Cuándo me va a contestar?


  • "No one ever responds to my advertising."
  • "Johns, who has been widely criticised for wasting money on the album, responded to critics yesterday, saying: 'You're just jealous because you can't afford to have the Queen of England rap on one of your songs."
  • "Assistant : I'm sorry to break this to you, Mr Marron, but in general plants don't respond well to being put in ovens."
  • "When asked for a comment, Horatio Oléré responded, 'What?'."
  • "Susie : And finally, the main reason why no one ever responds to your advertising: there's no phone number!"
  • "Please respond to this e-mail if you have any suggestions."
  • "- Don't be stupid enough to respond in any way to unsolicited or suspicious mail claiming to be from a bank."
  • "Luna : First, I have to inform you of your legal right to remain silent, or to respond in writing to this meeting once it's over."

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