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a room: una habitación, un cuarto, una pieza

there is room (to do something): hay espacio (para hacer algo)
Do you think there's enough room to put a piano here? ¿Crees que hay suficiente espacio para poner un piano?
to make some room hacer espacio

to room (with someone): habitar, vivir (con alguien)
Bruno and Bob roomed together for a while in college. Bruno y Bob vivieron juntos durante una época en la universidad.


  • "Then we turned and shook as we had a look in the room where the dead men lay."
  • "Philip : That's because you are the only person in the room – she's on TV, dude."
  • "What did you find in our son's room?"
  • "We've finally reached the jewel room, where I keep my jewels."
  • "Fans of the punk group 'Down with the Duke' will finally get their wish when the band makes its highly anticipated comeback tomorrow night at the Free Trade Room in New York City."
  • "In just 5 30-minute sessions with our automated consultants, we'll transform you from oppressive overlord into a benevolent boss without ever leaving your throne room!"
  • "Bruno's dad : I found something terrible in his room."
  • "Stop treating this room like a pigsty, and start respecting these new"
  • "The Queen : So, on the left is the tea room. It's where we take our tea!"
  • "I wish there were enough room on my screen to display both documents at the same time!"

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