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a rumor (US), a rumour (UK): un rumor
Philip has denied all rumors of sleeping with Luna. Philip negó todos los rumores que insinuaban que estaba durmiendo con Luna.
Rumor has it that Luna was Cleopatra in a past life. Se rumorea que Luna fue Cleopatra en una vida pasada.
Who started the rumor that Icarus is a playboy? ¿Quién comenzó el rumor de que Icarus es un playboy?


  • "Celebrity - Reporting news about celebrities, because they are better than you!"
  • "There is a rumor circulating here at the Delavigne Corporation, and in the press."
  • "Edward : Well, you know, I just thought that you might be concerned about the rumor."
  • "Instead, I intend to ruin the reputation of a good man through a combination of rumors, internet research and wild speculation*."
  • "The rumor that you're going to be murdered."
  • "It is an ugly rumor."
  • "A rumor that Horatio Oleré, the acclaimed nose of the Delavigne Corporation, has in fact, left the company."
  • "Horatio : Rumor?"
  • "What rumor?"
  • "Just one month ago, IFC reportedly made a billion-dollar offer to acquire the innovative American juice store after hearing rumors of the 'magical' properties of their products."

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