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a secret: un secreto
It's no secret that I'm in love with Susie. No es un secreto para nadie que estoy enamorado de Susie.

secretly: secretamente, en secreto


  • "Edward : Hi, this is Edward Moon, I'm not here right now because I'm taking part in a secret plot to overthrow the robots that have taken over the Delavigne Corporation - boooo!"
  • "We are 'examining' him now in a secret location (the toilets in the Delavigne parking lot), trying to find out literally what makes these robots tick."
  • "Now, use the secret knock."
  • "Inga : I think maybe you have been murdering them secretly."
  • "I've got to tell you the secret that will change the future of this company forever."
  • "Well you can go to one bar, I will be going to another secret bar underwater with my millionaire manatee friends."
  • "Where is Bruno's 'secret hideaway'?"
  • "I hope you're ready for your indoctrination into the Illuminati, the shadowy elite society that secretly rules the world."
  • "Besides, secret agents don't hug."
  • "Meet me tomorrow at the secret location I posted on Facebook."

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