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to sell: vender, venderse
To sell es transitivo e intransitivo.

I am trying to sell my car. Trato de vender mi coche.
This product sold well last month. Este producto se vendió bien el mes pasado.

Este verbo es irregular:
I sell / I sold / I have sold

to sell (someone) on (an idea, a concept): convencer (a alguien) de (una idea, un concepto)
That guru is very good. He sold me on the idea of giving him all my money to build a spaceship made of gold. Ese gurú es muy bueno. Me convenció para que le diera todo mi dinero para construir una nave espacial de oro.


  • "Bruno's dad : Yeah, I sold many onions."
  • "Did you sell many onions?"
  • "I could sell it to you."
  • "Customer : Uhh, do you guys sell juice?"
  • "Retailers are starting to realize that it is better to sell low than not sell at all."
  • "Yes, of course we sell juice."
  • "A man who produced some of the most beautiful odors this planet has ever known, and even sold some of them as perfumes."
  • "Others are selling their British houses and moving to the US permanently."
  • "I will sell this house today."

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