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Traducción & Definición

to set up (an appointment): concertar (una cita)
To "set up" also means "to assemble" or "to erect". Example: I'm going to set up the cupboard I bought from Idea.

I'm still trying to set up this business. Aún intento montar este negocio.
We have already set up a meeting. Ya hemos convocado una reunión.

to set (someone) up: tender una trampa (a alguien)
verb, idiom
I can't believe my own mother set me up. No puedo creer que mi propia madre me haya tendido una trampa.

to set up (internet access): instalar (un acceso a Internet)
Have you finished setting up the computer yet? ¿Ha terminado ya de arreglar el ordenador?


  • "My assistant has set me up with a video conferencing system. If you've got the right equipment on your end, we should be able to go ahead with the meeting as planned."
  • "Brian : Bruno, I have set up the Skyte teleconference with your contact in Australia."
  • "I'll set up a meeting for the two of you."
  • "I'll get one of the IT monkeys to set it up for me."
  • "So, uh, please call me back whenever you get the chance and we'll set up a meeting."
  • "I'm here to set you up with a home security system. She said you were a little worried about burglars breaking in to your home."
  • "So I am. Can you set up a Skyte teleconference for this afternoon?"
  • "Go ahead and set it up Brian."
  • "Philip : Don't worry, I'll set it up before you take off."

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