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to shop, to do some shopping, to go shopping: hacer compras
I went shopping last Saturday. Me fui de compras el sábado pasado.

a shop: una tienda, un negocio
Pronunciation examples
UK: I'm going shopping to buy some new clothes.
US: This shop is closed on Sundays.
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  • "Susie : The store is on Oxford Street, and offers a completely new, vibrant shopping experience."
  • "During the holiday shopping season, you can't escape it."
  • "Susie : The concept was developed by London's finest designers, to create the perfect shopping environment."
  • "I understand that you've turned one part of this floor into a furniture shop."
  • "Even old people need to go shopping!"
  • "With energy prices high, consumers are also reluctant to make costly trips to the shopping mall."
  • "I hope this helps, and that you continue to enjoy shopping with us."
  • "These days, people are shopping and banking online, instant messaging from mobile phones, posting status updates through Spitter, blogging, vlogging (or better yet mobile vlogging), aggregating news from various sources and perfecting their profiles on popular social networking sites."
  • "Still others are buying shops and businesses."

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