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the significance: la importancia
Atención, significance es un falso amigo.

I don't think you understand the significance of this law. No creo que entiendas la importancia de esta ley.

significant: importante, considerable, significativo
We saw some significant changes in the past few years. Hemos visto algunos cambios significativos en los últimos años.

insignificant: insignificante

significantly: de forma significativa, significativamente


  • "15th, tomorrow will make seven (7) weeks since your renovation project "incident" caused significant water damage to the ceiling of my bathroom (i."
  • "-Our server is at 99.9% full capacity, which causes significant delay in sending and receiving messages."
  • "Brent : Moira, the rate of obesity in America is significantly higher than in any other country in world."
  • "But I don't want this insignificant detail to influence your first impression."
  • "I've done a quick calculation of the replacement parts necessary, and the cost would be significantly less than the purchase of a new bicycle, especially since I know of a place where I can get parts second-hand."
  • "We will be allocating significant resources to its development: money, equipment, personnel."
  • "One of them, rather insignificant: a one dollar cash withdrawal in quarters."
  • "-Offer significant discount on future shipments to all retail partners as an act of good faith for recalled product (cost unknown but likely over $500,000)"
  • "The operating costs of this bank are quite significant."
  • "Your groundbreaking work with monkeys in a cruelty-free environment interested me particularly, and their significant role in your daily activities came as a mild surprise."

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