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since (the mid 90s): desde (mediados de los 90)
I have been working at this company since 1833. Llevo trabajando en esta empresa desde 1833.

Since (you're here, let me show you my new ping-pong table): Ya que (estás aquí, déjame enseñarte mi nueva mesa de ping pong)


  • "As you all know, it's been exactly one month since Bruno left the company in search of happiness, and exactly one month since I've been the interim CEO in his place."
  • "Since its foundation, the Delavigne Corporation has grown slowly but surely."
  • "My wife is on a diet, and since she's on a diet, I'm losing a pound every day."
  • "Being a sailor is my life's dream. I've wanted to do it since last month."
  • "He'd like to see his own image on the bottle - alongside Delavigne of course - since he thinks this fragrance sums up his personality so well."
  • "Jean : Well, I'm very hungry, and since we don't eat dinner with Mamie, I suggest we go inside and at least we have a bite to eat, you know "miam miam"."
  • "Jean : Miss Susie, since the first day I saw you in your office, I have been in love with you."
  • "Since we left England, Susie and I have had quite an adventure."

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