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Traducción & Definición

to sit (down): sentarse
Sit down! ¡Siéntese!

Este verbo es irregular:
I sit / I sat / I have sat

(the keys) are still sitting (on my desk): (las llaves) están todavía (sobre mi escritorio)
The car is still sitting in the garage. El coche esta todavía en el garaje.


  • "Come and sit with me underneath my Christmas tree"
  • "Sit down. You'll blow our cover."
  • "You're sitting in an outdoor Jacuzzi in the middle of winter eating filet mignon and drinking thousand-dollar champagne."
  • "Sadly sitting in the dark, the only sound is that terrible bark, I want to kill the dog!"
  • "Sat 24 May"
  • "You know I can be found, sitting home all alone"
  • "New president of Europe Brian Alistair Jones, the winner in a hotly contested election that divided citizens over issues such as a national cheese, sits in his office with a reflective look on his face."
  • "Edward : Sorry, as you said, you are sitting here."
  • "Brian : Uhh, Baby Carlos, are you just going to sit there and judge us?"
  • "Passenger : No, actually, I'm sitting here."

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